Solve Complex Business Problems with Data Science

Solve Complex Business Problems with Data Science

According to Gartner, more than 85% of Fortune 500 organizations fail to effectively use their big data. As a result, they make decisions using incomplete information, miss multiple opportunities, overlook potential threats, and do not get adequate returns on money invested in storage and analysis.

Make better decisions using your data

To help our customers overcome these challenges, Altoros cooperates with reputable science institutions in Eastern Europe. With access to the expertise of 100+ mathematicians and data scientists, you can select or develop custom algorithms for your particular needs.

Pattern definition

Define hidden opportunities by transforming unstructured data into meaningful insights.

Predictive modeling

Predict the outcomes of various scenarios to see which opportunities can be turned into value.

Risk assessment

Assess all potential risks and make timely adjustments to your business strategy.

Fraud detection

Use a variety of tools and algorithms to detect fraudulent activities that go unnoticed by your systems.

Recommendation engines

Build self-learning recommendation engines to serve targeted products and advertisements to the right customers.

Recent data science projects:

Data processing solutions from infrastructure to visualization!
  • Proven expertise in building complex data processing solutions for market leading companies
  • A 250+ strong team across 8 locations (California, Massachusetts, Norway, Denmark, the UK, Switzerland, Argentina, and Eastern Europe)
  • Flexible engagement models according to your project needs
  • Building complex systems since 2001; the largest Hadoop cluster deployed by our engineers consisted of 400+ nodes

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