Altoros in Denmark

Altoros in Denmark

Kim Jonassen

Managing Director Denmark

We are aware of the challenges that Danish customers experience when it comes to building a dedicated team to entrust with your project.

So, we offer professionals with extensive knowledge in the variety of technologies and 10+ years’ experience.

We help bring your ideas to life and implement even the most complicated projects ranging from startups, gaining popularity due to the support from the Danish government to enterprise solutions.

Working with Altoros, you can fasten time-to-market, create cutting-edge software products, and outperform competitors.

What we do

Altoros can help you create up-to-date highly-performing software and cross-platform mobile products fast and easily by supplying talented, skilled, and reliable dedicated IT teams to cooperate with you on your projects both onsite or remotely. We have extensive experience in creating powerful desktop, mobile, and Web solutions for various industries, including Telecommunications, e-Commerce, Transportation and Logistics, Manufacturing, Education, Marketing, Social Networking/Media, Sports/Healthcare, and Travel.

We offer reasonable estimates to help you cut the costs and accelerate time-to-market. By partnering with us, you get access to the latest technologies and strategies elaborated by our Research and Development Department to enhance the quality of your solutions. You will be able to deliver software to user desks and mobile devices quicker, more reliably, and at less cost.

Easy to work with!

At the start of a project, we normally spend some time embedded with your team in your office. We have a local presence in Denmark to ensure better contracts, the most efficient project management, clear process guidance, and competitive rates. Working with our dedicated development team using Skype and e-mail isn’t much different from working with them down the hall. Geographical proximity, the same time zone, and similar cultural values make it easier for project managers to set up the initial requirements and communicate during the development process.

To discuss your project with Altoros, call or e-mail Kim Jonassen, Managing Director Denmark. Being a Certified Scrum Master and a Certified Project Manager with over 10 years of experience in Telecommunications and IT industries, he would be glad to answer your questions and recommend a solution according to the needs of your company.
To learn more about our expertise or get a free quote, feel free to contact us.

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