Jump-start a Big Data Solution Within Your Enterprise

Jump-start a Big Data Solution Within Your Enterprise

Did you know that a certain container-based isolation powering a Hadoop cluster can yield a 55% performance gain over traditional hypervisors? How about query optimization tools that can increase utilization by 25% or more? The truth is, the performance (and ROI) of most big data solutions depends on 50+ variables, including the types of data to be handled, cluster configuration, and choices of software.

Focused Hadoop/NoSQL enablement services

Partnering with leading vendors of Hadoop-based data processing solutions, such as Cloudera and Hortonworks, Altoros helps organizations to implement enterprise-level Hadoop solutions for data mining, analysis, and visualization through:

Training and consulting

1-4 week pilot deployment

Cluster automation and support

Unique benefits

Vendor-independent performance

Consider a custom comparison of NoSQL databases and/or Hadoop distributions/tools, with a focus on performance in target use cases unique to your organization and taking into account the characteristics of your data center infrastructure.

Access to one of the largest data science teams on the market

Avoid common pitfalls and accelerate time-to-market using Altoros’s expertise in Hadoop and related technologies. Get access to 20+ professional data scientists to create algorithms for custom business processes.


Access to proven deployment automation

Reduce the total cost of ownership with Altoros’s proven set of automation scripts and server templates developed using Chef, Puppet, SCALR, and RightScale.

Access to best practices in performance optimization and cluster tuning

Get the most out of your investment by using Altoros’s advanced tuning and optimization framework, tailored to your type of data, your use cases, and your infrastructure.

Building complex systems since 2001

Altoros is a 250+ team with hands-on experience in Hadoop distributions and data processing tools (Hive, Pig, Chukwa, Oozie, ZooKeeper, etc.), as well as related technologies (NoSQL, deployment and monitoring systems, etc.)

Our R&D engineers performed multiple benchmark studies of Hadoop implementations, NoSQL databases, and cloud systems published by CIO.com, NetworkWorld, ComputerWorld, TechWorld, and other industry magazines.

You will get access to 20+ professional data scientists, one of the largest data science teams on the market.

20+ successfully deployed Hadoop clusters—the largest cluster deployed by Altoros’s engineers consists of 400+ nodes.

Want to accelerate deployment of your data processing solution?

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