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Front-end / JavaScript

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As more people use mobile devices to access Web content, providing great user experience on a variety of platforms and hardware is getting more challenging than ever. With extensive expertise in JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, and Responsive Web Design, software developers at Altoros can build solutions to suit the custom needs of any project. Over 14+ years, our JavaScript engineers have developed advanced applications for dozens of industries, including telecommunications, marketing, e-commerce, social networking, and media.

Focused JavaScript / Front-end Development Services:

Development of responsive Web applications with JavaScript and HTML5+CSS3. Development of single-page applications

UI/UX design and prototyping

Porting existing applications to JavaScript (e.g. Flash/Flex to JavaScript)

Development of JavaScript frameworks

Why Altoros's JavaScript Team:

Proven expertise in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3

Hands-on experience with responsive Web design and cross-platform Web applications

Access to 250+ in-house big data, Ruby, .NET, Java, QA engineers—we cover the entire application development life cycle

91.5% of the team members are Mid- and Senior-level software engineers with excellent communication skills

We Are Experts in:

Responsive Web Design frameworks Bootstrap, ZURB Foundation
CSS extensions SASS, Less
JavaScript frameworks Backbone.js, AngularJS, Spine.js, KnockoutJS, Ember.js, Meteor, YUI, Sproutcore, Mootools, ExtJS
Tools and libraries React.js, JQuery, CoffeeScript, Three.js, TypeScript, Require.js, Underscore.js, Marionett, Grunt, Raphaël, Dojo
Server-side environments Node.js

*If you haven’t found the expertise you need, please inquire about it via the contact form, e-mail, or a phone call.

Why Altoros:

Founded in 2001, Altoros is a global software delivery acceleration specialist that provides focused product engineering to technology companies and enterprises.

  • Cost-effective Development. Lower costs due to engaging expert Front-end developers from Eastern Europe at cost-effective outsourcing rates.
  • Personnel with Technical University Degrees. 96% of Altoros’s employees have university degrees in mathematics, physics, or computer science.
  • A High Customer Satisfaction Score. 94% of Altoros’s customers are ready to recommend Altoros to their business partners.
  • Local Presence. 250+ strong, full-time team across 10 locations (California, Massachusetts, Norway, Denmark, UK, Switzerland, Argentina, Finland, and Eastern Europe).

Recent JavaScript Projects:

Customers Speak:

“We are indeed quite pleased with the partnership we’ve built with Altoros.”

Paul Lothridge


“We look at Altoros as an extended development team with advanced business skills that can be reused in our new projects.”

Thomas Hamm


How We Work:

Altoros offers a range of engagement or business models as a defined starting point. We will work with you to find the best fit for:

  • the type of collaboration you require;
  • the size and estimated growth rate of your dedicated team;
  • your immediate business objectives (i.e. reduce time-to-market, reduce costs, or augment skill sets);
  • your long-term goals and strategy.

The basic engagement models are:

  • project-based services;
  • dedicated engineers or a dedicated team.

We strive to make this profitable for your organization and for Altoros, and take a super-flexible approach that often includes a mix of models across several projects.

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