Need to Accelerate MongoDB Development?

Need to Accelerate MongoDB Development?

According to IDC, the volume of digital data will reach 8ZB by 2015 globally. This challenges companies to scale and manage big arrays of data more efficiently. To solve this issue, businesses that deal with huge amounts of information (Craigslist, NYT, IBM, Facebook, and others) implement scalable, high-performance NoSQL systems, such as MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, etc.

MongoDB developers and consultants at Altoros can help software companies to build highly scalable distributed applications based on MongoDB storages. You can start with a small cluster and scale it gradually, as your capacity needs to grow. Having extensive experience in implementing NoSQL databases for large-scale systems, Altoros can help software companies to grow along with their data storing needs.

Recent MongoDB developers’ experience:

Focused services:

  • MongoDB installation and configuration
  • Setting up and configuring a cluster with replication
  • MongoDB consulting: analyzing your business and migrating parts of your application schema to MongoDB to improve performance
  • Application development using MongoDB as a data storage

Benefits to your company:

  • Experienced MongoDB development team with proven expertise in implementing NoSQL solutions on top of MongoDB, Cassandra, Google BigTable, Couchbase, Amazon SimpleDB, Project Voldemort, Hbase, etc.
  • 91.5% of team members are senior or mid-level software engineers; a documented low turnover rate
  • A 250+ strong, full-time team across 8 locations (California, Massachusetts, Norway, Denmark, UK, Switzerland, Argentina, and Eastern Europe)
  • Altoros has played a key part in helping its customers to create over $500M of enterprise value and raise $120M+ in venture funding
  • Access to our R&D department that tracks the most innovative technologies to help our customers to deliver software faster, with improved performance, and at a lower cost

Want to discuss how to accelerate your product delivery?

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