Need NoSQL and Distributed Computing Expertise?

Need NoSQL and Distributed Computing Expertise?

Hard to capture, difficult to analyze, and expensive to store—big data causes application time-outs, slow response times, and increased database ownership costs. But harnessing large amounts of unstructured information is only half of the problem. To stay competitive, you still need to use the full potential of your data. Those who fail to do this risk making important business decisions using incomplete information, miss multiple opportunities, and lose their competitive advantages.

Optimize your system to sustain extreme loads

Serving technology leaders, such as Couchbase, RightScale, NuoDB, Joyent, and others, Altoros helps customers to address big data needs related to data mining, analysis, scaling, etc. You can improve performance by implementing scalable NoSQL data stores and distributing the load with Hadoop-based solutions.

Implement a faster database

Bring software products to market months ahead of the competition by promptly building highly efficient teams: add new members within days or even hours. Stay in full control or focus on core business activities while we manage the entire product life cycle.

Speed up data analysis

Leverage the expertise your team lacks—our developers, team leads, project managers, or QA engineers can work as an extension of your engineering team either at your office or remotely.

Efficiently visualize the results

Deliver a high-quality product at a reasonable price, while we deal with training, motivation, taxes, recruitment, etc. Maximize ROI with balanced team structure, cross-platform development, modular architectures, etc.

Tune up scalability

Expand your cloud storage indefinitely or shrink as your load changes. Deploy, administer, and monitor large clusters with custom scripting and server templates.

Benchmark against competitors

Prove your system is ready for big data with vendor-independent benchmarking against competitors on dozens/hundreds of servers—depending on expected loads.

10+ years of experience in building large-scale systems:

  • Extensive experience in NoSQL/NoSQL and cloud technologies (Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Couchbase, Riak, Amazon Dynamo, Google BigTable, and other big data tools)
  • Our R&D engineers performed multiple benchmarks of popular NoSQL and cloud solutions published by, NetworkWorld, ComputerWorld, TechWorld, and other online magazines.
  • Get access to 100+ professional mathematicians and data scientists who work for the most reputable universities in Eastern Europe.
  • Vast expertise in building large-scale distributed computing solutions—the largest cluster deployed by Altoros’s engineers consisted of 400+ nodes

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