Altoros partners with top IT industry leaders to provide the highest level of technical expertise, to access best practices, and to find the most appropriate solutions for our customers.

Founded by the core Hadoop committers from the Yahoo! Hadoop engineering team, Hortonworks is the developer of an enterprise-level data platform. Partnership between Altoros and Hortonworks helps our customers to build tightly integrated and easy-to-deploy big data environments. Expertise in these tools allows for delivering systems that can store, process, and manage data in virtually any format and at any scale.

Thanks to the partnership with Cloudera, an established vendor of Hadoop-based software and services, Altoros can utilize enterprise-level technologies and tools for big data storage and processing. Today, Cloudera manages tens of thousands of Hadoop nodes and is one of the top contributors of code to the Hadoop ecosystem.

Altoros partners with Amazon to leverage the value that Amazon Web Services bring to cloud development. As an implementation partner, Altoros has gained profound expertise in utilizing the AWS platform and solving a variety of technical issues. We help our customers build enterprise-grade solutions hosted on Amazon’s infrastructure and benefit from the scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness that AWS-based applications provide.

Being a Microsoft Certified Partner, Altoros gets access to professional consulting, training, implementation, maintenance, and support directly from the industry leader. The team of Microsoft Certified Professionals at Altoros has a proven ability to deliver top quality .NET applications by satisfying Microsoft’s standards in software development. Our customers benefit from the latest versions of Microsoft software, service packs, and testing solutions-utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

Partnering with Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, our team possesses expertise in the Ubuntu OpenStack toolset and the Ubuntu Juju orchestration tool in particular. Together with Pivotal and Canonical, Altoros is working on Juju Charms for the Cloud Foundry PaaS.

Altoros is a close partner of Pivotal, the company behind Cloud Foundry—the leading open source Platform-as-a-Service solution. Our engineers paired with key members of the Cloud Foundry team working on various modules of the platform’s core at Pivotal’s office in San Francisco. Thanks to this partnership, Altoros’s customers get access to top-notch expertise in Cloud Foundry to build custom PaaS solutions.

Partnering with the leading provider of Ruby on Rails services helps Altoros to arm its customers with the latest Rails-based innovations. Engine Yard’s cloud-based RoR platforms enable our customers to improve ROI, open up new market opportunities, and create secure environments for working with vulnerable data. By joining our efforts in serving our customers, we deploy public and private clouds in short periods of time, adapting the best Ruby on Rails can offer.

New Relic is the leading SaaS provider of application performance management solutions. By collaborating with New Relic, Altoros brings the highest level of quality assurance to its customers. This partnership gives our customers powerful capabilities for monitoring, troubleshooting, and fine-tuning Web applications in real time. All this helps us significantly shorten application development and testing cycles.

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