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Bolt | Peters Significantly Improves Customer Conversion

Ethnio.com is an online service created by Bolt | Peters, creative research agency. It allows Web site owners to recruit users for marketing research, testing Web site usability, finding new employees, and other research needs. Providing all of the tools for creating online questionnaires, Ethnio.com generates survey-like screeners that can be placed on any Web page to gather responses and analyze the received information.

Bolt Ι Peters wanted to implement new features for Enthio.com, seeking new customers and aiming at building a strong positive image.

The company needed an interactive Web site design and updated e-commerce functionality to satisfy customer requests and demands.

Its existing application also had serious security issues and needed bug fixing.

Altoros faced several challenges, both business and technical:

  • The team had to provide an expert level of security utilizing the existing code base.
  • The changes should not have influenced the system’s performance during the development process.
  • To add new features, the team had to deeply analyze and improve the previously written code.

Altoros implemented the Continuous Integration approach for applying greater quality control. This allowed the system to test the code automatically when any changes were made by developers.

To improve Ethnio.com’s performance, eliminate the majority of bugs, and ease Web site maintenance, the Altoros team suggested updating the current Ruby version to 1.9.

In addition, the Ruby on Rails development team reviewed the code and implemented data caching, coupled with other code optimization efforts that also enhanced performance.

Finally, new features included the ability to show an online questionnaire to either a Mac or a PC user, sort out questionnaire respondents on the basis of the selected parameters, and others.

After analyzing the project, Bolt Ι Peters acquired more security and functionality for Ethnio.com. Now the company offers quality services to customers who can create their own questionnaires. All they have to do is place a single line of JavaScript on any of the Web pages and watch the responses come in.

The fully re-designed Ethnio.com turned into a secure Web 2.0 application, which eventually led to improved customer retention.

Technology Stack

Server Platform

Linux (Ubuntu)

Client Platform/Application Server

Support: Internet Explorer v.7+, FireFox v.3+, Safari, Chrome


Ruby on Rails, AJAX, CSS3, HTML5

Programming Language




Development Environment


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