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CapRegistration – The Bar Code Reader System

CapRegistration, The Bar Code Reader System, is a customizable platform that can scan barcodes on goods, tickets, and any other items and add them to the database. The system is flexible and can be easily adjusted to the specific needs of a particular company.

The platform consists of the following modules:

  • A mobile application developed for WinMobile devices with built-in bar code readers, e.g. Motorola MC-55, 70, and 75
  • A Web application for managing the clients connected to the service. An administrator can create groups of users and remotely update or configure the client software, the database, etc. Users can gather statistics, get error reports, and browse through the items registered with the system
  • Web services that synchronize the Web application with the mobile clients
  • The ServerMonitor application that helps administrators to manage devices connected to PCs and synchronizes them with the mobile clients via ActiveSync
  • ExportUserData and ExportTimeRegistrations—applications created to export registered data to ERP systems

Cappit provides customized software solutions for business. The company focuses on developing systems that enable users to capture various types of data and use this information to optimize logistics operations and field services. Cappit’s main requirement was to implement a system that would be easy to customize in the future.

Ease of use was crucial for the customer. To provide the required simplicity, the team tested usability and changed the interface several times. In addition, they developed manuals and guides to help the customer with deployment and usage.

Since the project had been started by another company, we received thousands of code lines that were very difficult to read. Only after we had analyzed and refactored the code, new features were added.

Having joined the project after work had already begun, Altoros’s engineers developed several applications for managing devices as well as synchronizing, importing, and exporting data. The functionality of the platform was greatly extended with new features.

Since the platform was designed to serve different companies across a variety of fields, the team had to provide a possibility to quickly build custom solutions. The components and dialog windows of the system were configured with XML. The customer can quickly adjust the user interface by changing the menu bar, dialog windows, and their controls. It is also possible to assign actions to buttons with SQL statements, change data input/output formats, and choose how data is represented in Microsoft SQL Server Compact. The system also allows for selecting the type of synchronization provided by the Exchange ActiveSync Web service.

The platform was successfully deployed in dozens of Norwegian companies across various industries. Helse Vest RHF, Vestre Viken HF, and Sykehuset Innlandet HF use CapRegistration to streamline healthcare services. The solution is also used by such municipalities as Fredrikstad Kommune, Voss kommune, Nittedal Kommune, Levanger Kommune, Herøy Kommune, etc.

CapRegistration can be integrated with the ERP solutions produced by Visma Software or with any other ERP system.

Technology Stack

Server Platform

Windows Server 2008

Client Platform/Application Server

Windows, Windows Mobile 6+


MS.NET 3.5, MS.NET CF, Web Services

Programming Language



MS SQL, MS SQL Compact

Development Environment

MS Visual Studio 2008

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