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The Cross-platform Face Warp App

The cross-platform face warp application makes it possible to smudge images of your friends with a tap of a finger. You can take photos with your phone’s camera, use images saved in the gallery, or upload pictures from Facebook. Once the image has been warped, you can add a comment and share it on Facebook.

Altoros was to migrate the desktop application to Android, BlackBerry, and iOS in a very short time. One of the main goals was to publish the application on iTunes, BlackBerry World, and Google Play.

Porting the AIR application to different mobile platforms involved two kinds of challenges:

  • The functionality of the desktop application had to be adjusted to ensure smooth performance on mobile devices.
  • The team had to enable compatibility between Flex and native mobile environments.

Some of the classes used in the desktop application were not supported on mobile platforms. To solve this issue, the team has replaced some of the old classes with new ones taken from the Spark namespace and optimized for the Web. This made it possible to keep all the functions available in the original application.

Below is the short list of the AIR 3.0 features that were utilized to migrate the application to mobile platforms:

  • The team has added front camera support, so that users can take pictures of themselves and then easily edit them in the app.
  • Camera Roll support has enabled working with collections of images stored on the device.
  • StageWebView (to render native HTML) has helped to eliminate a number of limitations on loading and displaying Web content.

AIR 3.0 has also added support for bitmaps of higher resolution. This means the size of uploaded photos is no longer restricted, which is an extremely important feature for a photo editing app. Finally, the Flex Builder 4.5 interface used by the team allowed for managing AIR application development process in a more flexible way.

Adobe AIR has proved to be a very efficient tool for building cross-platform applications. With this framework developers can write the code once and then port it to Android, iOS, or BlackBerry with very few changes. The technology also helps to cut development time and costs, since one Flash/Flex developer can replace a whole team of Android, iOS, or BlackBerry software engineers.

Technology Stack

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Facebook API


Adobe AIR, Flex SDK

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Flash Builder

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