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Customer Services Portal

A new type of social network that connects customers and service providers, offering tools for interaction. Customers have an opportunity to share their product/service experience, submit company reviews, suggest ideas on improving the product/service quality, and ask questions directly. Companies, in their turn, can respond to their clients’ questions, analyze the customer experience and effectively reach their target audience.

The customer wanted to build a Web-based application with simple, intuitive user interface that helps customers and companies communicate with each other, enhancing the customer service. The solution had to provide the functionality to become a global company and product search/review platform.

The application had to be highly flexible and scalable to handle maximum traffic loads and a great number of users. The other challenging moment was to perform testing as the customer didn’t want to hire the QA team.

The application is very scalable and can be used as a social network as it can handle maximum traffic loads. To enable flexibility on the database level, the team applied the extension for Ruby on Rails ActiveRecord ORM. To perform testing without hiring the QA team, the Ruby on Rails developers wrote unit tests that ensure that application functions correctly.

The client has launched an innovative customer services portal that is highly appreciated by the UK consumers. The Web site is constantly gaining popularity. Moreover, the client has created an additional revenue channel that allows drawing profit from companies that are registered in the system.

Technology Stack

Server Platform

Ubuntu Linux


Ruby on Rails, AJAX, HTML/DHTML, XML, CSS2.0, JavaScript

Programming Language

Ruby 1.8, Rails 2.3



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