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The Delivery Tracking System

The Delivery Tracking System for logistics companies improves service quality and automates report building, as well as many other tasks that used to be carried out manually. It improves communication between drivers and the office, tracking vehicle locations with GPS and notifying the server about various events.

The application splits every delivery assignment into smaller tasks and automatically reports to the server, when they are completed. For example, it automatically notifies the server when a vehicle arrives at the destination.

When the vehicle leaves the area (at a distance of 200 m from the destination), the system sends a notification that the order has been delivered. Finally, all reports collected throughout the delivery process are aggregated into a general report that contains details, such as time spent on every task and the distance covered. Drivers can edit some fields of the general report or add comments.

It is also possible to indicate time spent on rest, lunch breaks, or any other activities related to the assignment.

The customer’s legacy system became out-of-date and could no longer meet the new requirements. They provided a specification with the desired features. After that, it took the team three days to negotiate the details, compose the list of possible improvements, and give some recommendations on how to optimize performance

The system consists of a client part, a server part, and a messaging module integrated with multiple e-mail accounts. Installed on the on-board computer of freight vehicles, the client application finds optimal routes to help deliver goods faster. The system regularly sends location data to the server to guarantee that orders are delivered on time. The staff at the office can track the whole fleet and prepare new orders to be dispatched when the vehicle arrives at the warehouse. The client part of the application supports GPS, GPRS, and CanBus.

For this project, the team implemented the following services and components:

  • A service that provides communication between the client applications and the server
  • Modules that connect the solution to the devices installed on the vehicles—GPS modules, GPRS modules, and CanBus
  • A user-friendly touch screen interface
  • An e-mail client that exchanges messages between the drivers and the staff at the office

The Delivery Tracking System was integrated into the customer’s ERP system and helped the company to optimize workflow and speed up the delivery service.

At the moment, the customer uses the Delivery Tracking System on 93 vehicles. The drivers say that it became much easier to make reports, since they do not have to waste time on paperwork.

Technology Stack

Server Platform

Windows 2008 Server

Client Platform/Application Server

Windows XP


WCF, WinForms, Multi-Threading, Sygic, CanBus

Programming Language



MS SQL 2008 R2

Database Design Tool

MS SQL Server Management Studio

Modeling Tool

Enterprise Architect

Development Environment

GPS, GPRS modem

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