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The Diary for English Learners

The Diary for English Learners is a cross-platform application designed to help non-native speakers with English pronunciation. The software has a desktop and a mobile version both requiring Flash Player to run. To enjoy the broad learning capabilities users also need a camera and a microphone. The system offers three levels of difficulty and a large selection of conversational topics to study. Learners can practice in pronouncing words and sentences, enrich their vocabulary, participate in dialogues, and do other types of tasks. The application records and analyzes speech to evaluate the quality of pronunciation. The progress is tracked, so that users can see how they advance in their studies.

Today an increasing number of people prefer using mobile devices and tablets for studies and entertainment. Our customer wanted to expand into this evolving market and turned to Altoros to quickly port the existing AIR desktop application to mobile platforms.

Although the existing desktop version was based on Flash, the team had to adjust its functions and user interface to the capabilities and features of mobile devices. The initial code had to be heavily refactored due to errors in the initial logic of the system discovered during the process of porting.

The team managed to port the application in the shortest time possible. Apart from that, they have significantly improved the logic and preserved all the functions available in the desktop version.

Currently, the customer is working on a promotion strategy for the app and a demo of the Diary for English Learners is already available online. Although, the development of the first version of the application has just finished, fresh ideas and plans for a new release are being discussed.

Technology Stack


Adobe Flex, AIR, Web Service

Programming Language




Development Environment

Flash Builder 4

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