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Event Management Platform

Event Management Platform (EMP) is a software product designed to cover all the major aspects of the event management process. It enables organizing event activities and managing Web site content, event sessions, speaker information, presentations, and other promotional materials from a single unified administrative portal.

EMP is also integrated with the latest Social Networking tools and technologies, which encourage attendees to register and participate in the events.

Event planners, content owners and session managers use EMP to organize their workflow in the most efficient way. Furthermore, the platform simplifies the communication process and reduces time required for engaging with multiple vendors individually.

The software product is designed with SharePoint 2010.

The customer has already had an event management Web application, which was originally implemented to provide communication and information exchange at the conferences that took part in 2009. The initial version of the EMP has been mainly implemented and customized using SharePoint designer and a number of custom visual Web parts.

Our customer came up with an idea to develop a new mature event management solution on top of the existing one. The software should cover all the typical event management tasks and works, wrap them up into a “single box” package, and provide the ability for basic design customization, which would meet the requirements of around 90% of users. At the same time, the product has to be delivered as a set of loosely coupled components, which can be easily customized to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

Altoros’s developers experienced some issues typical of software refactoring and redesign process:

  • Prior to starting the development work, our engineers had to investigate the legacy solution, which contained a number of functional bugs and logical issues.
  • New architecture design had to cover all event management tasks and provide options for future updates and extensions.
  • EMP had to flawlessly combine the legacy components with the newly requested functionality, which required a well thought-out refactoring strategy.
  • Careful analysis of the typical event management process was needed to find a balance between customers’ requests and basic features that had to be delivered as the product core functionality.

After performing deep investigation of the existing application and business needs analysis, it was decided to re-implement the existing Web application on the top of SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure. A classic 3-layered architecture was designed and a repository and service locator patterns were used to provide additional flexibility and reduce costs on future customizations and potential integrations with third-party applications.

The system functionality was logically split into a number of features and delivered as packages that can be deployed to the farm to get the “out of the box” version of the product installed and prepare for the demo or production use.

Furthermore, a special setup application was created, to automate the installation and initial configuration of the product.

Altoros team has followed the best SharePoint design and custom development practices to deliver the requested event management solution. The completely new architecture was introduced and implemented. Legacy components were refactored within the reasonable time and budged to take the advantage of the new architecture. The solution perfectly fits for organizing small and medium size events, providing all the necessary functionality out of the box with vast possibilities for further configuration and customization.

EMP can also be used for managing big events. All platform components can either be used “as it is” or changed greatly to meet the needs of the demanding customers. The API delivered with the software product enables fast integration with other solutions and services.

The EMP has been used as a “host platform” for a number of conferences of different size and was the main tool for inviting participants, managing the activities, promoting materials, and receiving relevant and up-to-date feedback.

Technology Stack

Server Platform

MS Windows Server 2008 R2

Client Platform/Application Server

Multiplatform / SharePoint Server 2010


SharePoint Server 2010, Silverlight 4.0, .NET 3.5

Programming Language

C#, JavaScript / JQuery, HTML / CSS

Modeling Tool

MS Visio 2010

Development Environment

MS Visual Studio 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010

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