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FlyVoIP, Branded Mobile Dialer Application

FlyVoIP Inc. offers a white-label solution for VoIP providers. The system includes two parts—backend and a branded mobile application for high-quality international calls at low prices. The main competitor advantage of the system is the possibility to make VoIP calls via the iOS application without Internet.

The customer is a start-up company (FlyVoIP Inc.) that requested a mobile app to offer an alternative to the existing communication programs, such as Skype, Viber, Rebtel, etc. The company wanted to provide their clients with the convenient and fast interactive solution that would feature both friendly UI and an ability to integrate easily into the phone calling system and would look like a native extension for the phone services.

  • The main challenge that our team successfully coped with was time to market.
  • Another issue was to enable dynamic app enhancements based on the real-time statistics data.
  • Also, the team had to ensure the possibility to call from one mobile app to another in the situation when the app on another phone was not active or launched.
  • The application had to provide the users’ recognition functionality, regardless the rebranding fulfilled by the VoIP operator, to prevent unnecessary billing and account extra charging.
  • According to the requirements, the app had to feature the option of “background inbound calls”. The team had to develop the SIP-based system with integrated APN (Apple Push Notification) to notify the called party about the inbound call.

The team managed to solve the dynamic enhancements issue due to the utilization of the Flurry analytics tool embedded in the application structure. The upgraded versions with new functionality and improvements related to cached statistics regularly appear on the App Store.

Our client now offers a unique white-label solution that allows calling abroad to multiple directions for reasonable money with high-quality of voice communication and reception without Internet usage from every land line and mobile. The application runs on iOS and is now available on the App Store with brand name Bolid Call. The Android version is currently in the process of elaboration and will be delivered soon.

Technology Stack

Server Platform


Client Platform/Application Server

iOS 3.2 and upper, Retina display and non-retina Support


iOS SDK, Facebook SDK, Flurry SDK, Curl, JSON, SHA1, MD5, Base64, HTTP, HTTPS, SIP, Audio decoders/encoders, SMS

Programming Language

Objective-C, ANSI C, Ruby



Development Environment

Linux, GCC, Git, Mac OS, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Xcode, iOS Simulator

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