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Interactive Community for Parents and Childcare Solutions Providers

Mom Trusted, an interactive community for parents and childcare solutions providers wanted to re-design the outdated Web site, add more functionality and ease of use. Following thorough Web site analysis, Altoros professionals decided to apply the new application architecture scheme and an interactive Web design, advanced search options, and an ability to purchase products and services online.

The customer identified the core things to be enhanced—scalability, user experience, and design. In the view of the traffic growth, it was necessary to enable the Web site scale up when it is needed. Secondly, the company wished to add new functionality, such as an advanced search tool, to make their service more appealing to customers. Also, the company was not satisfied with a high visitor bounce rate, caused by the complicated registration procedure that is why user interface redesign was also on the wish-list of the client. Finally, to attract new customers and increase revenue, the company wanted to apply rebranding that implied changing the appearance of the whole Web site.

The online service had to stay available throughout the entire re-design process. The Ruby on Rails development team had to implement code refactoring and integration gradually, so that the Web site would retain its functionality. The outdated code structure made adding new modules, integrating, and testing quite a challenge.

Each unit of the existing code was tested to detect how it responds to changing conditions. When a new piece of code was created, we wrote new tests for it. As soon as it passed unit tests, we uploaded the new module to staging, where real users and QA engineers tested it. Only after that, the new functionality was moved to production. These step-by-step code updates guaranteed that each new unit functioned properly and would not damage the system.

Initially, the system had about 400 unit tests. It now has over 1,000 tests that can be utilized by third-party developers if the customer should need to add new features.

The Web site has been re-designed into an interactive Web 2.0 community, which provides relevant information to visitors and brings daily profit to owners. The resource stayed available throughout the entire development and QA cycle.

Technology Stack

Server Platform

Linux (Ubuntu)

Client Platform/Application Server

Support: Internet Explorer v.6+, FireFox v.3+, Safari, Opera v.9+


Ruby on Rails, AJAX, CSS, HTML, Sphinx

Programming Language




Database Design Tool

UML Modeller Umbrello

Development Environment

RubyMine, NetBeans

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