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The Mobile Client for Freight Tracking

The mobile client for freight tracking enables users to view real-time information about their shipments on BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone smartphones.

Con-way Freight is an American company that delivers less-than-truckload (LTL) services across North America. The company has an affiliate in Canada and wants to offer enhanced services to Canadian customers, the majority of whom are smartphone users. The company also has a Web site that enables customers to track information about their shipments in real time. The customer needs to develop a mobile client for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone and integrate it with the Web site to help customers monitor their freight information via smartphones.

The team had to develop the application without testing it on different BlackBerry devices. The known issue with Blackberry app development is the fact that there are many Blackberry smartphone models that have different hardware components (e.g., screen resolution), support different versions of BlackBerry OS, and feature different connection types with the MDS server in Canada. Altoros did not have the complete model line of Blackberry smartphones. In fact, the team only had one device. It was quite a challenge to develop an application that would function seamlessly on a variety of Blackberry smartphone models.

The team used various simulators and SDKs to write, debug, profile, test, and deploy the BlackBerry application on different smartphone models and OS versions. As models have different screen resolution, the team set common sizes for images and universal means to display them. As a result, Altoros developed an application that functions seamlessly on all BlackBerry smartphone models.

TCon-way Freight can now offer enhanced services to Canadian customers enabling them to monitor their shipments in real time with any model of BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone smartphones. This service helps Con-way Freight extend their market, gain competitive advantage, and attract new customers.

Technology Stack

Client Platform/Application Server

Blackberry 4.5, 5.0, Android, Apple iOS


.NET RIM API, Cocoa Touch, SimpleXML, J2SE

Programming Language

Java (J2SE), Android SDK, Objective-C

Development Environment

BlackBerry JDE, IntelliJ IDEA, BlackBerry device simulators, MDS simulator

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