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The Mobile Organizer

Capturengo™ is the mobile organizer that can capture receipts and business cards with an iPhone camera. This data is then sent to the server, where it is recognized and saved as text files. These files are used by the application to generate expense reports and add contacts to the address book.

The customer needed some serious bug fixing for the existing application as it could not send several images at a time. We also had to update the tutorial to make it more convenient and fun for iPhone users.

One of the main challenges common for iOS devices is the issue with synchronization of multiple threads. When multiple threads are working with the same data, they may overwrite each other. As a result, it’s impossible to send several items at a time.

The team used mutual exclusion (mutex) algorithms to solve the issue with synchronization of threads. As the result, the application stopped using the common resource simultaneously and can send several images at the same time. We also improved the UI of the tutorial. With the former UI you had to press buttons of the navigation bar to scroll images. The improved interface allows swiping the view left, right, up, and down.

The customer now offers a full-featured software product that helps users to organize their receipts and contacts faster. The application became more popular thanks to absence of annoying bugs and an improved user interface (iPhone users can now swipe to browse the tutorial).

Technology Stack

Client Platform/Application Server

Apple iOS


Cocoa Touch, UIKit framework, RPC

Programming Language




Development Environment


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