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Manufacturers of mobile devices announce new models and update their bestsellers almost every month. The wider the selection, the harder it becomes for retailers to keep up with all the features available on different devices. The Mobile World Navigator helps sales staff to quickly get information on the latest launches, check specifications and features of any product, watch video reviews, read blogs, discuss various topics, and even take quizzes.

The customer provides software that optimizes the work of mobile retail stores. Even though sales staff normally follows the latest reviews and announcements, it is hard to remember all specifications and features. This is why, the customer needed a mobile app that would always be at hand when one needs to quickly look up product specs or read the news.

The customer required a cross-platform application that would run equally well on any mobile system. To shorten the development time, the team used PhoneGap, a framework that allows for building mobile apps with JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, rather than device-specific languages. Although the framework is rather popular with the tech community, Altoros’s team had to fix a number of issues that were detected in the process of working with it.

  • The first issue was with changing input type in Android. Information was displayed properly in fields marked as “text”. However, if the value was changed to “password”, an additional field would appear underneath.
  • Since operating systems are updated more often than frameworks, we experienced a number of issues when developing for Android 4.x. While page footers and headers were to be fixed, in the updated version of Android these elements scrolled together with other content of the page.
  • Another challenge was that we could only redirect users to other resources using forms rather than links.
  • Animation based on CSS3 was rather slow on Android 2.x, which badly affected end-user experience.

To eliminate replication of password fields, the team created a plugin that imitated the behavior of a password” input field native to Android.

To avoid scrolling of the whole page together with its footer and header, we used the “CSS’s position: fixed” setting that enabled us to fix the two elements. However, this was not an out-of-the-box option in PhoneGap.

The team optimized the CSS3-based animation manually to speed up browsing and provide comfortable navigation through the system.

The customer received a cross-platform application that can help sales staff to provide more professional advisory services to customers.

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Windows Server



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