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The Office Suite for a Construction Company

Designed to enhance internal document workflow, the Office Suite helps the customer and their partners to track clients, projects, and related paperwork.

Users can create documents that comply with the construction industry standards approved by Standard Norge. To ensure conformity, the system uses a set of services, like “eBlankett”, etc.

Altoros’s customer specializes in designing projects for the construction industry. They have many partners and subcontractors and wanted a system that would enhance document circulation and collaboration within the company. The new document management solution had to track progress on all projects and provide a possibility to communicate with customers.

The construction company already had a legacy solution that needed refactoring, bug fixing, as well as a new, more userfriendly interface. All documents were to be stored in a local database. In addition, the team was to implement a user management dashboard to provide various access rights to different types of users.

  • The large and cumbersome legacy system had complicated business logics and relations between data flows. To refactor the code, Altoros’s team had to analyze the architecture and thoroughly understand the company’s main processes.
  • We had to provide broad capabilities for working with PDF documents. Users were to create and edit documents right from the Web browser using a data modification wizard.
  • The customer wanted all their documents to comply with the generally accepted construction industry standards. To achieve this, the team had to understand the basic construction site concepts and ensure proper data exchange with Standard Norge services.

A rich Windows Forms UI was created using the ComponentOne library. Cassinni server made it possible for users to edit PDF documents. As a result, the customer received a document management system that meets all their business requirements.

Altoros helped the customer to enhance document workflow inside the company. Now their employees have a simple way to collaborate on documents and exchange files. Paperwork has also become much easier, thanks to the new user-friendly interface with a feature-rich quick access bar.

Technology Stack

Server Platform

Component One, UltiDev Cassini Web Server

Client Platform/Application Server

Windows 7, Windows XP


MS.NET 3.5, WinForms

Programming Language



MS SQL Server 2005

Development Environment

MS Visual Studio 2010

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