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Online Portfolio Builder

The online solution allows creating portfolios for products. The portfolios are displayed as “rooms” to which users can add different items with descriptions. Each portfolio can be saved as a PDF file and printed.

The company is one of the largest plumbing wholesalers in North America. It is also the industry’s second largest distributor of pipes, valves and fittings, waterworks, heating and cooling equipment. The customer wanted to enable Web site visitors to assemble various goods in portfolios that could be saved and printed.

The existing Web site had a large database (40 GB) that contained 4,000 products with text descriptions and images, thousands of users, and portfolios. Altoros had to perform the data migration so that the existing database would retain its structure. We had to re-write the system core to make sure products, portfolios, and user records, including history, are transferred to the new system without any losses. Moreover, the customer did not want to provide us with access to the internal system, so we had to find the way to solve this issue.

The Java development team converted the database into the new format in accordance with the business logic of the new application. As a result, the data was migrated without any losses and the new records were added. The team also convinced the customer to assign a technical engineer from their side, who would have an access to the internal system. We provided him with instructions remotely, with the help of a remote desktop. This allowed us to fix various bugs in the internal system and deliver a highly functional and scalable solution.

The customer received a solution with improved performance that allows users to create, edit, delete, duplicate and download portfolios faster, then the former application. The solution is highly scalable and allows making changes quickly and cost-effectively.

Technology Stack

Server Platform


Client Platform/Application Server

Web browser/Tomcat


Tapestry, Hibernate, J2EE, J2SE, HTML, JavaScript

Programming Language




Development Environment

IntelliJ IDEA

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