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Online Radio Application for Android

A full-featured online radio Android application with advanced search functionality. Users can listen to live and recorded broadcasts, search stations or programs by various criteria, and bookmark their favorites.

The customer wanted to expand their share of the rapidly growing Android applications market by offering a full-featured online radio designed specifically for Android 1.6-2.2. Apart from streaming live data, the solution had to offer a powerful search tool with a user-friendly interface resembling that of the iPhone version.

The company wanted to preserve the UI of the existing iPhone app. This required expertise of both Android and iPhone developers. In order to meet this requirement, the team had to create custom user interface components without changing the application’s functionality. The developers also had to speed up the process of retrieving large amounts of data in XML format via RESTful services and enable local data caching. Finally, the application had issues with streaming data via the media player. These had to be solved, as they could seriously impact user experience.

The new custom UI components and styles of the Android application were thoroughly tested to ensure that they preserve the look and feel of the iPhone version. It was suggested that the SQLite database and ORMLite mapper should be used for efficient local data caching. The team also built a new Java codec to replace the old one, which was too slow. The quality of data streaming via the Android media player was improved considerably due to implementation of the Android NDK.

Altoros managed to help the customer deliver a full-featured online radio for Android preserving the style and functionality of the iPhone version. The customer’s broadcasts gained popularity as the application attracted a lot of new listeners from among Android users.

Technology Stack

Client Platform/Application Server

Android 1.6-2.2


Java for Android, ORM Lite, Android NDK

Programming Language




Development Environment

Eclipse and ADT plug-in

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