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Personal Mobile Bodyguard

This mobile application is designed to ensure the user’s security while one is in danger. When a user presses the alarm button, the mobile client automatically sends a notification to the server. The server processes the signal and sends out push messages to other application users, who are located within 1 km distance. The application shows the current location of the user and flags the place where the attack has occurred.

The customer is a Norwegian start-up company with an innovative idea that needs a mobile application to help users protect themselves in case of emergency. The customer wanted to have two application modes that would provide fast and convenient access to the alarm button–one can either press the alarm button once, or keep the button pressed and release it in case of emergency.

The customer has no IT background, thus he could not provide us with any project specification. Our developers worked in close cooperation with the customer in order to brainstorm the necessary functionality options, work out the documentation, as well as transform the ideas into the working application.

We developed an iPhone/Android application that uses Geolocation services to track person’s location with an ability to send alarm messages to the server in case of a threat. Altoros mobile developers created the iPhone version first and it allowed us to build the Android app times faster.

When you register, your name and information will be saved on a server controlled by the customer’s team. This server will act as the “mother” of the system. All users’ data will be recorded here, as long as they are users of the application. When the application is registered and activated, it records your location based on the options you have chosen. You can decide, if the app should record your location every second or every time you make a significant change of your location. This location data will be recorded on the server, but automatically deleted after 24 hours. The iPhone application limits the area to 1 km, but the user has the possibility to save three favorite contacts that will get an alarm notification, regardless of the distance. Users can also add several shortcuts to the emergency service phone numbers (police, etc.)

The customer got a powerful application for Android and iPhone that safeguards users 24/7. The innovative idea of a new emergency network can help save someone from a violent attack, as well as decrease the overall crime level.

Technology Stack

Server Platform

Apache 2.2

Client Platform/Application Server

iPhone, Android 2.2+


Geolocation servicies, Android SDK, iPhone SDK

Programming Language

Java, PHP, Objective-C



Modeling Tool

MS Visio

Development Environment

X-Code, Idea, NetBeans

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