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Software for Selecting and Mixing Paint

The application is designed to assist paint shop staff in the process of selecting and mixing paint to get the desired color and quality.

It provides shop owners with a tool that helps to choose the required hue and texture of paint for every customer. The data is sent to the tinting machine, which mixes the selected colorants in the required proportion to the color base to get the desired kind of paint. Apart from that, the system also offers preset recipes for certain shades.

The application can store information on customers as well as the recipes of paints they have purchased. If a customer ever needs paint of the same color, it can be easily mixed using the recipe saved in the database under their name.

Jotun Paints is one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of paints and coatings. The company wanted to enhance customer service by providing a revolutionary solution for selecting and mixing colors.

The application was to help shop owners satisfy their customers’ needs by selling them Jotun paints of the required colors. The software was to enable browsing through different paint products and possible colors in different ways and help to choose the desired shade as well as control the tinting machine during the process of paint creation.

The main challenge was to implement the user interface delivered by third-party designers. Jotun hired a team of designers who created a sophisticated user interface reflecting the look and feel of each button and feature. The team had to work according to the UI designers’ sketches.

The team used Windows Presentation Foundation, a graphical subsystem for rendering user interfaces in Windows-based applications, to build the custom UI. The technology utilizes computer hardware to create graphics for custom user interfaces of any complexity.

Thanks to the paint mixing application Jotun was able to greatly improve customer service. The solution helped the company receive new orders and win more loyal customers.

Technology Stack

Server Platform


Client Platform/Application Server

Windows XP, Windows 7


.NET Framework 4.0, WPF

Programming Language



SQL Server 2008 Compact

Database Design Tool

Microsoft Visio

Development Environment

Visual Studio 2010

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