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Streaming Media Portal

Streaming media portal is an enterprise level interactive portal that manages multimedia appliances (video streaming hardware) and assets, including media collecting, encoding, streaming, sharing, tagging, etc.

The company provides industry-leading solutions ranging from easy-to-use digital media management tools to professional-grade HD streaming systems. The software that the company provided along with these products to help managing broadcast became outdated and could no longer support the growing needs of the telecommunications industry.

The original desktop application was written in Java. The customer decided to leverage Altoros expertise in Flex development to re-design the application and make it available for the Web.

Other tasks included updating the front end of the application to a RIA and updating the services to support REST. In other words, the customer needed the enhanced software packages to manage company’s hardware products through the centralized Web interface.

The team of Flex application developers had to manually find appropriate fields and send proper requests to select text data. Then this text was transformed into the object the team could work with. To ease this process, we took the E4X approach to XML parsing, which made work a lot faster and easier.

The portal is now much more user-friendly, easy to maintain and manage. Due to the centralized management system that can be accessed through the Web it become possible to collect share, view and distribute digital media content easily throughout the enterprise. Companies can publish content to other systems, as well as on corporate Web sites.

Technology Stack

Server Platform





Adobe Flex 3 SDK

Programming Language

ActionScript 3, Java



Development Environment

Adobe Flex Builder 3

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