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The ETL Tool for Collecting Data from Social Networks

The project is a modern ETL (extract, transform, load) tool that provides a new secure and efficient way for managing your data.

This business intelligence solution can obtain data from SQL databases, MS Excel files, tables, text files, as well as from social networks, including Salesforce, Facebook, and LinkedIn while preserving the exact structure and content of any document. Users can pivot rows and columns, as well as join, aggregate, and transform data. Furthermore, it’s possible to sort or filter information according to certain criteria. Processed data can be uploaded to any database or system selected as the output source. Users can create and map data flows. The solution features an interface typical of Microsoft products and the editing process is based on the WYSIWYG principle. It means that users can see how data will be transformed and add new relations between the rows and columns with a mouse click.

The customer is the owner of a data integration platform that enables users to migrate and manage data among several sources. The company addressed Altoros to expand the capabilities of their data analytics platform. A new system had to be based on Hadoop to process data faster than the legacy platform and it also had to support multiple formats.

The architecture of the legacy platform didn’t provide possibilities to add new functionality without rewriting the initial structure of the system. Altoros’s engineers found a solution and created the Extensions Framework that enables users to build custom operators and save them as native components.

Altoros transformed the platform into a flexible system that can be easily extended through custom operators. Furthermore, third-party developers got the possibility to create new extensions for any systems they want to map. The ETL tool can be a good solution in situations when you need:

  • A cross-platform host
  • A big data migration tool
  • Scheduled Data flow transformations
  • NoSQL compatibility
  • Simple Business Intelligence interface

This ETL tool is a new-generation Business Intelligence solution that is built around users. Based on a simple interface, the system offers a visually clear way of managing big data and working in cloud environments. The ETL solution allows for getting new insights from unstructured business data through mapping and deep analysis.

Supported Formats

Data Source

Relational databases: IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Enterprise Edition, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, Sybase ASE, Teradata
NoSQL databases: MongoDB, Google Big Query
Cloud platforms: Salesforce.com (CRM) , Workday’s integration Cloud Platform, QlikView
Other: Microsoft Excel, CSV files

Target Source

Relational databases: IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Enterprise Edition, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, Sybase ASE, Teradata
Cloud platforms: Salesforce.com(CRM)
Other: Microsoft Excel, CSV files, QlikView

Technology Stack

Server Platform

Windows, Unix


WPF, Actipro WPF Controls, Apache Hadoop

Programming Language

C# (MS .NET), C/C++, Lua

Development Environment

MS Visual Studio 2010, Decoda

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