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The Web Library for Storing Brand Files

The Web library is a central place where users can download high resolution brand images and brand owners can securely keep their logos, brand artworks, and media files.

The system provides storage for high resolution images, video files, etc. The customer claimed that it became costly to scale up storage space. The company required a solution that would enable them to reduce infrastructure costs.

The customer’s legacy infrastructure consisted of a couple of application servers that used Network File System (NFS) for file access. The amount of stored data was growing daily and the customer needed to increase storage space regularly.

After analyzing the current infrastructure and New Relic reports, we discovered that the CPU and memory were not used at their full capacity. Some work was carried out to optimize file space. However the main solution was to detach storage from the Web application and add separate block storage.

The newly implemented infrastructure enabled the company to gradually scale up storage and scale down other idle hardware resources to the level required for comfortable work with the system. The ultimate solution was only 25% of the initial infrastructure costs, which is four times less than the price of the legacy system.

Technology Stack

Server Platform

Rackspace Cloud Servers, Rackspace Block Storage, Amazon S3, Memcached, Ferret

Client Platform/Application Server



Ruby on Rails, Delayed Jobs

Programming Language

Ruby, JavaScript



Development Environment

TextMate, Sublime Text 2

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