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The NuoDB Migrator for Moving SQL Data to a NoSQL Database

About NuoDB

NuoDB is a NewSQL database platform with a unique geo-distributed database management system. It provides linear scalability, outstanding scale-out performance, continuous availability and can run anywhere—in a local data center, in multiple data centers around the world, or in the cloud. With support for multiple platforms, users are able to build hybrid solutions that have both Linux and Windows hosts.

Project Details

The NuoDB Migrator, developed by Altoros, enables users of traditional SQL databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, Sybase Adaptive Server, and others to easily migrate their data to NuoDB. The system transforms data according to the structure of your a source database and provides simple dump and load methods. The data is migrated in a way that enables preservation of data integrity and relations between objects of the source database, while at the same time guaranteeing compliance with the objects used in your NuoDB database (domains, sequences, users, roles and grants, views, triggers, constraints, etc.).

Historically, data migration has been difficult because of the risk of data loss, differing document structure, data integrity damage, and the significant time investment required. NuoDB partnered with Altoros to address these inconveniences and offer a NuoDB Migrator to enable enterprises to easily transfer their SQL databases to a modern geo-distributed database—as well as keep their SQL and NewSQL data stores synchronized. The system needed to be flexible enough for a broad range of user source database conventions, and fast and efficient enough to get the job done without a loss of productivity.

Launched in 2010 by industry-renowned database architect Jim Starkey and accomplished software CEO Barry Morris, NuoDB has become the leading distributed database management system. The company is the recipient of numerous, prestigious industry awards including the Gartner Cool Vendor and the Red Herring Top 100. Used by thousands of developers world-wide, NuoDB’s customers include automotive after-market giant Autozone, NorthPoint Solutions, Fathom Voice, Platform 28 and other innovative organizations.

The NuoDB Migrator enables users to extract data from SQL-compliant databases and load it to NuoDB. The tool is able to manage large data processing scenarios, such as failures, continuation, restart and catch-up. During operation, completion status is displayed for task execution and users are provided detailed reports on the migration process.

The functionality of the tool can be easily extended with other ETL plugins or tasks. Users can work with the system through a command console and the Migrator contains a help section with all commands described. The Altoros team provided the ability to make a copy of the database and deploy it elsewhere to enable users to test the solution or to modify it as needed, e.g. in a proof-of-concept.

Altoros also contributed to the development of the Tungsten Replicator for NuoDB. This additional tool allows users to keep different versions of a database synchronized, parallelizing data flows as well as completing other operations with data. These two components of the NuoDB platform combine to enable users to easily and quickly migrate data to their databases.

While many enterprises would prefer to move to scalable NewSQL databases like NuoDB, the difficulty of data migration has held back progress. But with NuoDB Migrator and NuoDB Applier for Tungsten Replicator—developed by Altoros—it is now easy to jump on board with NuoDB’s geo-distributed database. The NuoDB Migrator is cross-platform and ensures a high level of data consistency and integrity, eliminating the old complications of data migration.

Customer Speaks

Paul Lothridge

Director, Program Management at NuoDB

    “If we were going to be serious about enabling our users to move their existing SQL databases to NuoDB’s distributed NewSQL database solution, then we had to provide a powerful and simple means to do so. Just like with many startup companies our engineering team executes beyond expectation, but that does not mean it is without its limits. While already operating at capacity we turned to Altoros to take on the development of these critical customer tools. They offered their skills in every aspect of the project, from administration to design and development. The end product is a set of open source tools that are uniquely flexible, and elegantly simple in solving a set of complex problems for our customers. We are indeed quite pleased with the partnership we’ve built with Altoros.”

    Technology Stack

    Server Platform

    Unix, Linux, Windows, MacOS


    JDBC, Maven, Git, Travis, BSON, CSV, XML

    Programming Language

    Java 6


    NuoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, NoSQL

    Development Environment

    IntelliJ IDEA

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