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Toyota Automates Its System for Holding Tenders

Toyota, one of the leading companies in automobile industry, turned to Altoros to develop the system for holding and managing tenders. The application had to automate the selection of a vendor (goods/parts) and services according to the key parameters.

Altoros .NET development team created the system that enables users to upload the tender conditions and a list of the possible participants for further processing. The system automatically generates separate templates for participation that are sent out to each vendor. On the basis of the received invitations, the participants of the tender fill in the standardized forms and send them back to the organizer. After the tender offerings are entered into the system, the details of these offerings are processed including the price and the characteristics of the products/services. As a result, the report on the most competitive offer is automatically generated.

Additionally, Altoros developed other automation systems and subsystems for Toyota: the generator of reports based on the entered parameters (previously, it was done manually), the system for viewing files of rare formats for the corporate application, the subsystem for managing draft approvals, and some other.

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) is a multinational automaker headquartered in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. In 2010, Toyota Motor Corporation employed 317,734 people worldwide. TMC is the world’s largest automobile manufacturer by sales and production.

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