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Video Capturing and Processing Solution

The application uses the camera of a mobile phone to capture and process video, recognize whether the video frames contain any objects, save these objects as images in different formats, categorize them and send via e-mail.

The solution required RGB input and output, so that each video frame could be decoded, processed, and encoded. This should not affect the performance of the solution. Images taken with a five megapixel camera must be processed quickly and saved in different formats.

The object recognition algorithm did not support the output video format, so the team had to find a way to solve this problem.

In video mode, the camera records a certain number of frames per second. The .NET development team figured that each frame has to be converted on the fly, so the speed of video capturing and processing is not affected. We developed a solution that allowed changing the output format of video frames in real time.

The application can process videos and save frames as images in a variety of formats. The customer can implement this technology in the next generation of smartphones to provide enhanced multimedia features to mobile users.

Technology Stack

Client Platform/Application Server

Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, CE OS 5.2.20270 (Build 20270.1.3.1), Processor ARM920T PXA312, Device: Samsung OMNIA


MFC, DirectX DirectShow, MS Imaging, XML, SMTP

Programming Language


Development Environment

Visual Studio 2008

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