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Video Conferencing Service

The customer is a provider of high-definition video conferencing solutions.

The application had to provide extended functionality, starting from online video broadcasting to viewing post-conference slides and digital transcribed recordings. Users had to be able to view simultaneously multiple conference rooms. The data in the pop-up windows and the conference’s lists and descriptions had to be loaded dynamically.

Altoros was challenged to build a working prototype for the application in just a couple of days.

The back-end of the application was written in Java to provide scalability and to support high traffic loads. Obviously, it was impossible to build a prototype in a few days using Java alone.

To satisfy the customer’s requirements, Altoros utilized JRuby technology. With JRuby, we could leverage all of the benefits of Ruby for the Java application. It helped us shorten the release cycles and reduced third-party module implementation costs.

The team succeeded in building a functional prototype for this complex Web application in a couple of days. The team of Ruby on Rails application developers delivered the first commercial release in less than six months. The JRuby technology helped us speed up the development process and shorten time-to-market.

Technology Stack

Server Platform

Linux (Ubuntu)

Client Platform/Application Server

Support: Internet Explorer v.6+, FireFox v.3+, Safari, Opera v.9+


Ruby on Rails, JRuby, AJAX, CSS, HTML, Sphinx, JPA, JSP, Hibernate 3, Spring 2.5.5, Log4j, Adobe Flex

Programming Language

Ruby, Java



Database Design Tool

UML Modeller Umbrello

Development Environment

RubyMine, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA

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