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Video Editor

The video editor based on Adobe AIR technology that allows creating personal fitness videos from chapters of other videos downloaded from a certain Web site. The solution enables users to create their personal workouts. The application can be downloaded and used on PC, Mac OS X, iPhone, and iPad devices.

The company, a leading distributor of fitness training videos, partnered with Altoros to create an application which main function is to split .m4v video files into chapters and combine different parts to create a new video file. The application had to run on multiple devices, including iPhone and iPad.

The team had to develop a highly functional application from scratch. Original videos had different resolutions and sample rates. The team had to find the way to join videos created with different codec settings without encoding them. The application had to be fast, easy to use, stable, work on PC, MAC OS X, and iOS devices (iPad, iPhone).

The team applied open source technologies, such as Avidemux, WinFF, Mkvtoolnix, AtomicParsley, ffmpeg, to read metadata of videos, join their parts, and write their own metadata and codec setting to final video. This allowed joining videos with different sample rates. Up till this moment there is no available technology to join videos with different resolutions without encoding them, so the team used the tools mentioned above to encode such files. The combination of open source tools enabled Altoros to either join right away or first to encode video chapters and then join them to create new videos. Workout Blender can now split video into chapters, join chapters of different video files and play them as a single custom video.

The application has increased the number of fitness video downloads from the customers’ Web sites, providing a company with an additional revenue channel. This is an innovative tool that enables user create their personal video work outs and take them along whenever they go.

Technology Stack

Client Platform/Application Server

Adobe AIR


Avidemux, WinFF, MKVToolNix, AtomicParsley, FFmpeg, Flex (ActionScript/MXML)

Programming Language

ActionScript/MXML, shell script, Avidemux Script

Development Environment

Flex Builder, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash

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