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Warehouse Workload Monitoring Application

A warehousing solution for real-time workload monitoring that consists of a Client-Server administration part, a Web portal for remote partners and agents, and a mobile client for warehouse workers.

The customer is a supplier of logistics applications who came up with an idea to create a warehousing application for mid-size manufacturing and distribution companies. The solution would combine a Client-Server administration part, a Web portal for remote partners, and a mobile client for warehouse workers. Mobile devices with barcode readers would be employed to decrease errors in accounting and enable effective real-time monitoring of resources and workload.

The system designed to serve a large number of different customers required a lot of customization, which had to be performed on site and often within a limited timeframe. Each custom project developed for a client had to serve as the basis for another. The team had to maintain the quality of the core design and provide sufficient time for bug fixing while keeping up with the high pace of development.

ASP.NET was selected for this project because the customer required the highest scalability, reliability, and performance possible, all of which ASP.NET could offer. Altoros dedicated a lot of time to developing standard features based on the roadmap.

The team of .NET programmers did not introduce any considerable changes to the functional requirements received from the customer. The work was planned thoroughly, so that each module would be properly designed for future reuse. We managed to create clean and expandable product architecture within a very limited time frame. The system is easy to customize and implement by on site developers. It also enables local managers to collect and analyze feedback from customers and the project management committee. Then the required features can be added to the roadmap or implemented by local staff as small customizations.

Consafe Logistics focused in-house resources on core strategic business activities, while Altoros managed the software product life cycle. The company now sells Effect Warehouse to small and medium-sized warehouses. The software product developed by Altoros is steadily gaining popularity as it pays off very quickly. Better productivity, almost 100 % balance accuracy, and improved quality of process selection result in considerable savings. The effects of real-time workload monitoring, traceability, and shorter lead-times are vital improvements to the warehousing business.

Technology Stack

Server Platform

Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition

Client Platform/Application Server

Windows Mobile 5/6, Windows CE 4.2/5.0, Windows XP, Windows Vista (x32/x64)


.NET 3.5 / 2.0, .NET CF 2.0 / 1.0, ASP.NET, SCSF, CAB, MS Enterprise Library, AJAX, Hibernate, LINQ

Programming Language

C# 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.5, C++


MS SQL Server 2005/2008, SQL Compact Edition, Oracle 10g

Database Design Tool

MS SQL Server Management Studio, Microsoft Visio

Modeling Tool

Microsoft Visio

Development Environment

Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2005

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