Ruby on Rails Development and Consulting

Ruby on Rails Development and Consulting

Since 2006, Ruby on Rails developers at Altoros have been helping software companies and start-ups deliver applications faster and at a lower cost. Over the years, we have matured into the largest Ruby on Rails development team in Europe—with 50+ Ruby on Rails developers and QA professionals!

The team has gained extensive experience across a variety of industries, including social networking, broadcasting/media, online education, marketing/advertising, and more. Our Rails developers follow the SCRUM methodology, being nonetheless open to other methodologies applied by our customers. In addition, some of the programmers contribute to the Rails framework itself, speak at Ruby developer events, and share their experience with the RoR community globally.

Recent RoR experience:

Focused services include:

  • Ruby on Rails development (v2.3.*/3.*/4.*)
  • Porting applications to Ruby on Rails
  • Application architecture re-design or improvement

Benefits to your company:

  • Extensive expertise in Ruby on Rails, as well as experience in utilizing Merb, Heroku, Rake, Cucumber, JRuby, Git, Passenger, Bundler, RSpec, Capistrano, and other tools to accelerate RoR development; access to a pool of 50+ Rails developers and QA engineers
  • Lower costs due to engaging expert Ruby on Rails developers from Eastern Europe and South America at cost-effective outsourcing rates
  • 250+ strong, full-time team across 8 locations (California, Massachusetts, Norway, Denmark, UK, Switzerland, Argentina, and Eastern Europe)
  • Altoros played a key role in helping its customers create over $500M of enterprise value and raise $120M+ in venture funding
  • Mature software development life-cycle and QA procedures, Test-driven development (TDD); a proven, phased, scalable, and carefully documented approach to accelerate product delivery
  • The team consists mostly of Team Leads and Senior Software developers; a documented low turnover rate.
  • Unique performance assessment system that tracks individual progress, encourages team members for constant improvement, and prevents them from spending billable hours ineffectively
  • Access to our R&D department that tracks the most innovative technologies to help our customers deliver software faster, with improved performance, and at a lower cost

Want to discuss how to accelerate your product delivery?

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